A propotional platform

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way crypto capital with propotional actions.

Proportion Concept

Flexibility and usability are often in an inverse relationship with performance. The concentration on providing a convenient digital asset issuing and trading venue also brings limitations. Binance Chain’s most requested feature is the programmable extendibility, or
simply the Smart Contract and Virtual Machine functions. Digital asset issuers and owners struggle to add new decentralized features for their assets or introduce any sort of community governance and activities.



BSC Staking-based consensus is more environmentally friendly and leaves more flexible options to the community governance. Expectedly, this consensus should enable better network performance over full proof-of-work, i.e., faster blocking time and higher transaction capacity.

Based on the design principles, the consensus proportion protocol on BSC is to fulfill the below goals:

1. Blocking time should be shorter than Ethereum, e.g. 5 seconds or even shorter.
2. It requires limited time to confirm the finality of transactions, e.g. around 1 min level or shorter.
3. There is no inflation, the block reward is collected from gas fees, and gas will be paid in BNB.
4. It enables the system compatible with Ethereum as much as possible.
5. It equips modern staking-based network governance



We use Slashing logic to penalize Byzantine validators for double signing or instability, which will be covered in the “Staking and Governance” section later. This Slashing logic will expose the malicious validators in a very short time and make the “Clone Attack” very hard or extremely non-economic to execute.

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September 2021

Start of the Proportion Platform Development

October 2021

Contract & Site Developing

October 2021

Research market

November 2021

Proportion Presale Campaign

December 2021

Development & Governance

January 2022

Apply for CG & CMC

February 2022

Creating new Partnerships & Team Expanding

March 2022

Token Official Release & Launch

April 2022

Airdrop & Presale Stage 2

+April 2022

More Partnerships & Team Expasions

Proportion enthusiast

Tomosz W
Stefan S
Senior Developer
Piter M
Anders B
Community Management

Proportion Network is currently on Binance Smart Chain ( BEP 20 ). In the future, it is possible to adapt the token on other chains.

For pre-sale and airdrop we support Binance BNB token

After airdrop or purchase of the Proportion Network token generate a unique Reflink address for your wallet. Share it to earn BNB and additional Proportion.Network token

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